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Triangle Co-op Presents



1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto

November 2 to 17th, 2012 – 8:00 pm


Linda can’t stop baking pies ever since her husband up and left. Her son, Nicholas can’t stay out of trouble at school and is on the brink of being expelled. Could their only hope be Fiona, the new guidance counsellor? Or will this trio find themselves in an unprecedented tangle with life changing consequences?


Loosely based on Claire Burns’ experience as an egg donor in 2004, Hatched was written and inspired by personal interviews with egg donors, donor children and recipient couples.

The play centers on a young teen in trouble. Confused about his upbringing and the odd behavior of his parents, Nicholas struggles with identity issues, which explode into crisis when he learns of his unusual conception.

This is a play about unconventional families; secrets and lies; the fact that every choice has a ripple effect of consequences; and it demonstrates that there are no easy answers. Above all, Hatched is about the need to belong.

The playwright, Claire Burns, is a Toronto based actor and playwright. Her first play, True North, was short listed for Nightwood’s Write from the Hip. She participated in Driftwood Theatre’s Trafalgar 24 in 2011, producing The Anatomy Lesson. Hatched has been workshopped at the Buzz Festival (TPM) and is currently being produced by Triangle Co-op. Claire is a graduate of the University of Toronto as well as George Brown Theatre School.

Along with Claire, we are excited to have some of Canada’s top Canadian artists as members of the co-op team:  including the director, Jeannette Lambermont-Morey (Stratford Festival, Factory Theatre, Canadian Stage, Harbourfront Centre, etc); Brett Haynes (Breaking News: Toronto Fringe Festival; It all Leads to the Lemon Scene: NYC Avante Garde Festival); Dora Award winning actress Astrid Van Wieren (Canadian Stage; This Wide Night); recent George Brown graduate Jakob Ehman; and the incredible Lisa Norton (Shaw Festival, The Royal Alex, Canadian Stage; Bomb Girls). Hatched will also include design work by Sinead Cormack and original music by Toronto musician Ryan Gavel.


Hatched has all of the most vital ingredients for excellent theatre and is a must see come this November. For tickets please visit


Media coverage

CBC – Metro Morning Radio


The Grid

Interview with Claire Burns by  Sarah-Joyce Battersby


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