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As I get older and more into the  idea of having my own kid I often think about the little tyke I helped make and I wonder how he’s doing. Is he being raised to be a good person? Does he like soccer or art? Does he have my chin? My father’s eyes? These thoughts can be confusing and totally overwhelming at times, so like any good artist I’ve decided to try to muddle it all out by writing Hatched- a play which is in the early stages of production here in the beautiful city of the T-dot.


Hatched is about three people, Linda, Sara and Nicholas. Each one has a secret. Hatched delves into the ethically complex world of the Canadian infertility industry. Linda is a grieving mother, Sara only wanted to help and teenaged Nicholas is in the middle. Hatched questions previously held definitions of family in light of the burgeoning familial opportunities available for a price by the Canadian infertility industry.

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  1. October 12, 2011 11:09 pm

    Claire, I am so excited about this blog, what a great way to get your voice heard and the conversation started. Post often please! xo

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