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Donation Campaign

Coming to a TORONTO theatre in Fall of 2012

Linda can’t stop baking pies ever since her husband up and left. Her son, Nicholas can’t stay out of trouble at school and is on the brink of being expelled. Could their only hope be Sara, the new guidance counsellor? Or will this trio find themselves in an unprecedented familial tangle with life changing consequences?

The purpose of this work is to give voice to an alternative sector of the growing sub-society of the infertility trade. No-where in the “normal” conversation surrounding this abnormal topic does egg donors surface. Egg donors are expected to be the silent partners in this medical industry. Hatched strives to give them a voice.

Alongside this theatrical creation, we are working to create a Toronto based donor support group and network.


We are asking for donations and sponsorships that will go directly into the cost of producing this show.

Your donations will go towards:
– Renting the theatre ($5000)
– Set Construction / Costumes / Props ($400)
– Marketing and Publicity ($5000)

With Government cuts to the arts, private funding has become ever more integral in ensuring the growth of Canadian theatre


It is simple. You just have to follow the link below to our Indiegogo campaign.


The Hatched team includes the director, Jeannette Lambermont-Morey (Stratford Festival, Factory Theatre, Canadian Stage, and Harbourfront Centre); and Lighting Designer, Rebecca Picherack (the Next Room (Tarragon), Are You Ok (Peggy Baker Dance Projects/Necessary Angel), Big League (LKTYP)). We are also excited to have on board the Gemini Award winning actress Catherine Fitch (Butterbox Babies, This is Wonderland, The Nutalls (Blyth Festival), Escape From Happiness (Factory Theatre)). Hatched is produced by Brett Haynes (Breaking News, Infinitum (for the critically acclaimed company The Cheshire Unicorn), Vacant by the emerging writer, Fraser Elsdon) and his company Triangle Pi Productions.

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