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Hatched is happening as i write this

November 8, 2012

I’m sitting in the gallery eating my second small bag of doritos. we bought them as props for the play but then that was cut so now it’s up to me to finish 38 more bags. easily done. I’m not watching tonight. i’m guarding the gallery. Last week we opened the show to a sold out crowd on Friday and then again on Saturday! yay! as people were leaving I heard; “wow, that’s so fucked up”. which of course made me happy because yeah, it is fucked up. the six degrees of separation between kids these days and with fertility technology means that they could be sitting next to eachother in class and be half siblings, what if- gasp- half siblings fell in love and made babies because they simply had no idea of their shared parentage. what slew of x-files type babes would be reproduced then huh? HUH? The show seems to be going really quickly today. I think maybe they’re rushing cause it’s really cold in the theatre. this gallery has been an amazing space to work in. the theatre itself is really intimate and quirky- but there is a door to outside in the backstage area and there are strong gusts of wind blowing onto the actors. oh to be an emerging artist- you just can’t afford the big cushy places. but next time yes! 

I truly hope that people are intrigued by the play- the best i’ve heard is that my friends came with their moms and then went back to one of their houses afterwards and drank a few bottles of wine while discussing the range of topics that were brought up in the play. conversation is key. conversation and awareness is what I have striven for over the course of this production- and making some money wouldn’t be bad either!


Hatched plays Wednesday to Saturday this week and next. 

8pm. 1277 Bloor street west Toronto- the Toronto Free Gallery

There is limited seating so get your tickets on line at


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