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What! Two weeks away??? nov2..

October 19, 2012


We’ve been in rehearsals since Monday.

Fucking amazing group of people. I feel like I’m swimming in the script the questions have been so in depth. I’m really enjoying feeling so challenged right now. Every night I have fought off the urge to watch reruns of kids in the hall to write write. rewrite. Artistically i feel a bit muddy. it’s like oh do i take that in or leave it out and i’m wading through mayonnaise.

Now comes the time to invite and plan. we get to go buy props. for this i am excited. we get to pick out costumes. the set. word on the street is we are looking for lamp donations so if you have any to spare for the run of the show please pass the word along.

The music sounds incredible. i can’t wait for it all to come together. now i just have to really hope that the story is good. EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Hatched runs Nov. 2nd-17th at the Toronto Free Gallery 1277 Bloor street west.

get your tickets at


I’ve attached the poster so you can check out all the great people working on the show. 

Still wondering if this is going to have a lasting effect on the voice of egg donors.

time will tell i suppose. now. i write.




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