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HATCHED November 2nd-November 17th 2012!!

September 28, 2012



It’s happening. Hatched is actually happening. 

When: November 2nd (opening!) to November 17th. Wednesday to Saturday 8pm

Where: The Toronto Free Gallery 1277 Bloor Street West Toronto

Who:  CAST: Astrid Van Wieren, Lisa Norton, Jakob Ehman

Director: Jeannette Lambermont-Morey

Sound/Music Designer: Ryan Gavel

Stage Manager: Meredith Henry

Produced by Triangle Pi Productions Co-Op

Why: Because you want to come and see it. Because you’re interested and curious about the topic. Because you love me and everyone involved. 

How: Well. A lot of people have been using the analogy of giving birth. “Wow. The play been incubating and now you’re birthing it!” I suppose, I mean…(between you me and the lamppost I’m pretty sure it’s not going to hurt as much but…)

In the first trimester circa 2010 I was exciting, refreshed and full of ideas and ambition.

The second trimester circa late 2011 early 2012 was fuelled by an ever increasing desire to dip cool ranch doritos into sour cream and crippling self doubt about my ability to pull the frikking thing off.

Now that we have entered the last trimester of the gestation of this babyplay I feel pretty calm. We’re on this ride and it’s not stopping til it ends and hopefully it will all come off without a hitch and the baby will be beautiful and perfect (in reality it will be pink and wrinkled and squalling but no one really tells the mother that! Right?


I have been incredibly fortunate to have some really great supporters on this project. Including YOU! (well hopefully you support this project and aren’t reading these blog posts with bitterness and resentment towards me)

Thank you so much for getting excited about the show. I am I really am!

We are trying to push a final fundraising effort so that we can rent lights and pay for a weekly AD in the Now Magazine. If you know of anyone who would like to donate please direct them towards


talk to you soon. I can’t wait for the first rehearsal- October 15th. I’m probably gonna have super nervous indigestion…typical. 



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