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September 18, 2012

It’s okay. I feel great.

Just moved into a new place. not wearing the same jean shorts everyday. feeling relatively healthy because i’ve been cooking at home with lots of butter. cast the play. oh yeah baby.

but i think i have to keep it secret or something for a little bit. I CAN TELL YOU WHERE IT IS THOUGH!!!

For months we were toying with some sort of secret location deal. i like this idea a lot. Like say you email a certain secret account and then it sends you back a code word and an address of where to go the night of and that night you show up in a dark alley where there’s a guy creeping and you give him the word and he hands you the ticket and lets you in a secret door. and yeah. this idea did not go over well with my dad actually. he’s all like. wouldn’t that be a little hard? I mean what if I just want to go on  a whim kind of thing. and I was like dad you don’t even know, I’m feeling a little defensive lets just walk up ossington and forget about it. and then i was like you’re right.



The Toronto Free Gallery

An old converted hardware store. There’s a gallery in the front and a theatre in the back. Lots of potential for art and conversation. Great location at Bloor and Landsdowne!

And for all of ya’ll who didn’t get to donate to our earlier campaign we started another one! We are still waiting to hear on a grant so fingers crossed on that but please do feel free to donate to Hatched right up until opening night and beyond!


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