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Funds have been raised

May 29, 2012

Okay. sorry. it took me a little bit to get back in the saddle after the fundraiser.

To me, self promotion is a little like being forced onto a roller coaster by a really close group of friends. You know you should- like you could have a really good time, but actually you’d rather die than do it. Maybe that’s just me. I have a paralyzing fear of roller coasters. and throwing fundraisers apparently, but now the fundraiser is done and i am old enough to know better than to set foot near Canada’s Wonderland so… onwards and upwards.

The fundraiser was amazing. Gallery 1313 is a beautiful spot. artsy and hip and hot (fans were not provided by me..sorry guys). The cheese was flowing and the beer was chilled. We had some fantastic speakers:

Erik- gave us the young everyman’s perspective of  that age old “what the hell is infertility/ivf/egg donation” question. he’s looking for a lady by the way…

Sara- She’s a lawyer I met at that Global Health conference a while back, she specializes in IVF and the law and she gave her perspective about egg donors and the current laws surrounding “donation”. feisty that one. real feisty. i like it.

We did a scene reading from the play. I think it went well but it’s hard for me to judge my own words.

Natalia was born of sperm donation and she gave a new perspective to our conversation. did you know that her records haven’t been tracked? she was born in ’82 and now can’t find any evidence of her birth father. weird.

Danny spoke about his mother. she raised six kids and was a foster mom to scores more. he emphasized the celebration of fertility when someone really wants kids.

I was interviewed by the Grid and by Matt Galloway on metro morning CBC both in the same day. never had that happen before.

Now we’re looking for a space for the play…leaning towards more “underground” theatre spaces right now- november is set as the production date.

I am slightly nervous that the issue surrounding the play might overshadow the actual playwriting. I hope that the story and the acting and total performance will be judged and appreciated (hopefully) for it’s artistic merit and not only because of the whole egg donor thing.

ya ole egg donor you. 

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