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TWO DAYS til FUNdraiser

May 22, 2012


– Pick up cheese

-Buy liquor

– Hope that people show up

On May 24th 2012 I am will be throwing my first ever fundraiser. (Okay that’s not true- I threw a fundraiser once in high school to raise money for prom- but I had to leave in the middle because I was having an anxiety attack)

Personal, gut wrenching neuroses aside- it’s gonna be a great night.

We’ve got an egg donor, an activist, a foster brother, an adoptive mother, a donor daughter and a fertility lawyer on the line up.

it’s gonna be fast, two minute talks every twenty minutes or so- idea is that these amazing speakers will get people talking- just having some chats about important issues. Nbd.

and of course we will be reading a scene from Hatched.

and eating cheese and drinking wine. well I probably won’t drink wine until after- and then it might be less drinking, more guzzling but shmeh!

I hope that it creates buzz and is a fun night for all.


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  1. May 22, 2012 7:01 pm

    Got my own fundraiser here in St. John’s tomorrow night so I know whereof you speak! Have a most wonderfully great night. I will be thinking of you!
    Love, Jeannette

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