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NATIONAL Health Law Conference. Yes. I attended.

May 7, 2012

I went to a conference this weekend. It wasn’t my first but it was probably the most interesting. the only other conferences i’ve attended were the ones i used to go to in high school for the student council people- there was a lot of icebreaking games and )comradery, camraderie) camaraderie (..there we go.), so it was a bit different. 



    Jocelyn Downie, Dalhousie University: “Cross-Border Trade in Human Eggs” 
    Erin Nelson, University of Alberta: “Global Trade and Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Regulatory Challenges”

I got there early and listened to the end of the first panel which was really interesting as well- about globalization, transnational law and regulation. I got there for the Q & A and the conversation mostly surrounded stem cells. 

During the break i covertly slipped some HATCHED postcards onto the table with all the Health Policy and the LAW books on it. In and amongst Michael Ignatieff’s books. I was in. With the big leagues. plus they had tropicana orange juice in a bottle- no pulp. my fave. 

I listened so intently to the Jocelyn Downie talk about the Egg trade that i started to get sweaty. surely this wasn’t the way to present oneself at a professional event. i tried to calm down and focus my energies instead of wanting to bounce out of my seat asking any questions that popped into my head, no matter how ill formed. How best to present myself? I went with ambassador. i figured that was better than diplomat. 

You can be compensated now .under the law. reimbursement for expenditures with receipts. 

there must not be “purchase” of eggs. the donor must meet consent requirements. and there are some health and safety regulation s that must be met (thank christ). 

The second speaker spoke about surrogacy and specifically stories like this one:

A couple in the UK receives eggs from a Croatian donor then implanted into a surrogate in the Ukraine. 

The law in the Ukraine acknowledges surrogacy legally so the Ukrainian government sees the kids as citizens of the UK but the UK does not acknowledge surrogacy in the same way so to them the kids are Ukrainian citizens- the children of the surrogate mother.

okay that was sort of general because i can’t remember the specific countries but you get the picture that the ramification of reproductive technology has not been easy on a legal level because each nation state operates by it’s own laws. crazy. 

I asked a couple of questions, made some comments. people thanked me for speaking up afterwards, that” we need more accounts of what actually happened”. i felt kind of embarrassed by the attention. I met up with a fertility lawyer that i’ve been following on twitter. (Media Saaaaaaavy) we had a great chat. she talked about open donations which i’d never even realized existed. everyone sits in a room and talks about what they want and it all gets figured out. none of this secrecy, alias stuff. good. good. 

I ate two cupcakes then left. on the way home it was sunny and i wore my purple sunglasses. i was on top the world! i then made the mistake of trying to buy jeans. #ihateshopping.


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