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Why should anyone care about this play?

April 13, 2012

I was posed a question yesterday that has made me think.

Why is this play important? From a producing angle how are we going to sell this play to the masses. I’m 30 years old. My peers are not necessarily looking to have children right now. Yes, they will come to support me and watch the show but I don’t have so many friends that I can pack the house every night for two weeks. 

How do I get men interested in this show? Is egg donation a woman’s issue? I suppose so. If we were going to genderize the whole infertility world the female desire to conceive a child may supercede the male’s in society’s eyes. I think this entire issue: INFERTILITY is clouded by shame and secrecy. As is egg donation. Donors are supposed to remain closeted and quiet. Couples aren’t suppose to discuss what goes on in the bedroom. But maybe if people talked about it more…

– more awareness could be brought to the issue- that in fact Men suffer with infertility just as equally as women

– we might be able to see patterns with infertile people ie. neighbourhood structure, proximity to industry, diet and consumption of non natural substances in the body that could affect someone’s ability to conceive. 

– we could understand as a society how much closer we are getting to genetically manufacturing our babies, maybe if we talked about it more people could begin to have some base knowledge about the social and ethical ramifications of this industry. 

Remember. ONE in SIX Couples. Those odds ain’t great. 


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  1. Frances permalink
    April 14, 2012 1:34 am

    I think the subject has broad implications. Why do we want children? What makes a child ‘your child’? What does it mean to be a father or a mother of a particular child? People are not resolved about this. The biological component is seen as essential by some and not by others.

    Beyond that, individual identity matters. Who am I is a question everyone asks at some point. This might mean “am I Canadian” or “am I my parents’ child” or “am I a changeling or a foundling”. Egg donation, sperm donation, also surrogacy challenge us to find new ways to answer old questions. To somehow steer a course between essentialism and something broader.

    Consider how many dramas involve issues of identity and mix-up – Shakespeare, romances involving princes and paupers, myth. The enemy turns out to be your brother. You marry your mother. Etc.

    These are not trivial issues.

    Infertility may be stigmatized here, but it is even worse in some other countries. In Uganda to be an infertile woman is to be regarded as nearly useless. You have some status if you have compensating features like wealth or a university degree but if you are a peasant woman you are shunned. Your husband may divorce you or take other wives.

    In polygamous marriages, women compete to produce more children for the man.

  2. April 17, 2012 2:25 am

    Such good points Frances. I posted an article on the facebook page written by a woman who went through IVF treatments and donor eggs in order to conceive. This is such a universal issue that is natural but also complicated by technology and the environment.

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