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Aruba, Jamaica…

February 9, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for still keeping up with the egg blog!

So, this process (the producing a play process, not the analyzation of previous actions process), has been long. But it’s ever moving forward. kind of like a glacial iceberg. I’ve not been known for patience- apparently it’s a virtue, but I’m not that virtuous so…

Headlining news:

Carolyn Bennett, MP For St. Paul’s Riding in Toronto has thrown her support wholeheartedly at the project. She has voiced the same concerns that I have about donation and is especially concerned with the quality of oversight (or lack there of) that has been in play since the Assisted Human Reproductive Act was passed in 2004. How can the government say that paying for eggs is illegal but then not effectively police the egg trade? A blackmarket for eggs has exploded in Canada with both donors and recipient couples being left vulnerable by the lack of protection around the industry.

Aruba, Jamaica…

Ooh I wanna take ya. It’s February and though it has been a scarily warm winter the grey concrete in Toronto makes me want to get away someplace warm. Unfortunately I am not even close to being able to afford a Caribbean holiday- hey I’m going to Haliburton for three days so that’s something- but I am really longing for a beach. Sun, sand, surf.

When I was paid four grand in cash for “donating” my eggs back in 2004 the first thing I did with it was pay off my credit card and all my debts. HA! KIDDING! The first thing I did with it was throw it all over my bed and roll around in it. (seriously). The second thing I did with it was book a ticket to Costa Rica with ten of my friends and live off it in the southern hemisphere for a month. Aaaah the bliss. I was footloose and fancy free back then.

Some people donate eggs for free. Some women do it for their friends or sisters. Some people do it to pay off debts. and then you get someone like me. I did it so I could take a surfing trip. And when contemplating doing it again I think this time I’d like to go to Paris.

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