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Controversial art and obtaining funding….how hard could it be?

January 18, 2012

Hey all,

So my producer and I have been trying to garner support for Hatched for the past few months. Through this process I have realized something…Egg donation is a very contentious issue. Of course I’ve known this for a while but hearing the reactions of some people in the infertility/fertility community have honestly been surprising.

People are afraid of what I have to say.


Have I written a play that:

A) Will vilify the medical side of egg donation?
Ie. The fact that there is little to no medical follow up for donors or perhaps I had an adverse reaction to the drugs administered during the donation process and want to rant and rave about the evils of pharmaceutical companies.

B) Absolutely condones egg donation?
Ie. I am encouraging young women who are strapped for cash to go sell their body parts to strangers. I am encouraging women to not think of the ethical questions which arrive when artificially bringing a child into another family’s life, without though to the child itself.

C) Calls into question the legality of the whole process of egg donation?
Ie. Am I writing an expose on how the government really doesn’t have control of a sub sector of the infertility industry, that the government’s legislation has essentially created a black market where egg donors can take advantage of couples in need and charge exorbitant prices for their eggs. Where this same black market has led to the silencing of egg donors in the medical and public sector because of the illegality of this exchange of money.

I have a lot of questions and concerns about this topic.
Should my play, should art be sacrificed in order to secure funding? Maybe if I changed certain phrases of the play, certain details about my donation then the play would be more accessible to certain funders. Maybe if I portrayed this company and that person in a more friendly light then I could gain more sponsorships. I am seriously considering this. But obviously that would be a sacrifice to the artistic work that I have produced. But how can I produce this work further without money?

All I know is that people seem to be curious and perhaps a bit apprehensive to support this project because they just aren’t sure what I have said about the industry.

Let me assure you readers that this play is about family. It questions previously held notions of family within the context of Assisted Human Reproduction. It is a story, a fictional story about three people. Egg donation is simply the context in which it was created and framed.

ps. but a little controversy is always a good thing isn’t it?

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  1. January 20, 2012 5:02 pm

    Oh, ya gotta love controversy. My I am sorry to see how fearful (cowardly) some people are… terrified of difficult questions, challenging notions…

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