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The age old question…

December 11, 2011

So. I just want to say that the previous people that I’ve talked about. the couples. I don’t truly understand, but I do empathize with the kind of stress that they are under. I mean, who wouldn’t sound depressed if what they really wanted wasn’t attainable. Who wouldn’t be eager to obtain the most pure product in order to boost their chances. Who wouldn’t compromise similarity of looks just in order to have a baby? I probably would. It hasn’t come to that…yet. one in six couples in the world experience infertility. Okay. WTF?

My biggest hurdle in donating again is the thought that I sell my egg to people who are essentially haters…I’m NOT going to say Rob Ford supporters but you know. I mean, i don’t mind if we are unlike in our day to day activities. Just so long as they don’t raise a child in ignorance. But really, do I have any say over this? Should I? There are no current laws forcing parents to tell their children about being conceived out of donation. I’m not sure there should be, but it does give me pause. I mean, what traits in a person come from genetics and what percentage is environmental?

I’ve studied feral children. But I have also seen brothers and sisters that look so similar to their parents. Does the connection end with the physical traits or was there some part of myself …is some part of myself in that kid. Weird. And to be honest. these are just questions, i’m not stressing hugely. oh by the way. The red headed ginger has ended up conceiving on her own. maybe she got less stressed knowing that her chances of success were higher now that she had found a viable egg donor. maybe her being less stressed allowed her to chill and get pregnant. cool.

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