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Asian girls are the rarest…who knew?

November 18, 2011

So. That couple didn’t work out so well. Which is unfortunate because mostly I’m in it to help people…not for the money…oh hells no. (cough..cough) The second couple that contacted me asked for my photo, once I sent it they replied that they weren’t interested because I didn’t have any Asian blood. Yep. I’m caucasian, no asian. Did you know that Asian women are the most rare and wanted as egg donors and can make up to $5,000 more than any other racial group. Strange but true.
After that call I got a response from Mike and Martha from Montana. They seemed normal. Well at least over the phone. They were both on the line which I liked. I mean, with the last couple it sort of irked me that the husband only got involved when it looked like the deal was going to shit. The man is ultimately going to be the father so I was happy that Mike wanted to be in on the interview. I asked them what their lifestyle was like- they like to hike and be outdoors, they live outside of the city, they enjoy mountain biking and gardening. Okay. That sounds good. Pretty holistic. I also asked them if they were bigots, homophobes or racists. They said no. But I guess anybody would in that circumstance. One of my biggest concerns surrounding my initial donation was that the couple might not be raising the child to moral standards that I believe in. I didn’t have a choice in deciding who got my first set of eggs but I sure am going to try to be more discerning this time around. So yeah. Mike and Martha appear to be everything that the first couple wasn’t- outgoing, positive, active and interesting. PLUS they have a doctor that they are working with in Victoria. So essentially I would get paid the $8,000 AND get a free, all expenses paid trip to Victoria for two weeks! WEST COAST HERE I COME!

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