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Money money money

November 2, 2011

I got paid $4000 in 2004. when i was looking into donating again this year I was getting offers up to $10,000. It’s an industry people. Lets not kid ourselves. It’s an invasive process to be an egg donor and I personally wouldn’t consider doing it for free-unless it was for a friend or family member. The government wants us to believe that women aren’t getting paid for their eggs but they are. It’s illegal so it’s done under the table- compensation is given for hours lost at work and all the time it takes to fulfill the process but that’s just a lightly veiled way to say that women are getting paid.

Did anyone say BLACKMARKET?

I received a manilla envelope stuffed full of fresh twenty and fifty dollar bills. As soon as I got home from the retrieval I threw all the money on my bed and rolled around in it. I’m RICH! I’m RICH! *insert maniacal laughter here*. Then I went on a surfing trip to Costa Rica. And all I had to give was the gift of life. sheesh.

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