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Egg Donors Wanted

September 30, 2011

So, I was taking a break from studying for my POL 301 exam. Sub Saharan African Politics. I’m concentrating on Zimbabwe. Ex-Rhodesia and the lesser know politically sanctioned apartheid there in the 1950s. Anyway. I’m taking a break. Pretty heavy stuff and for some reason, the lights at Robarts always make me sleepy. Dozy. So I grab a coffee. Just milk please. And a small bag of nacho cheese Doritos. My favourite. I’ve always had a penchant for nacho cheese. I used to work at Cineplex Odeon in the Galleria Mall in London, Ontario, where I hail from, and at the end of the night my favourite treat was to dip one of those juicy, fat hot dogs, you know the ones that cook on the rotating grill at night? Dip one of those in the creamy, bright, orange, zesty, nacho cheese.

Oh God. Heaven. But I digress. Robarts. Coffee. Doritos. As I munch and sip, I peruse the large bulletin board right outside the cafeteria and in amidst the ads for tutors and discounted textbooks is a sheet of paper with a pixilated cartoon of a baby and a stork:

EGG DONOR WANTED-20-30yrs old-Caucasian-University Educated-Bilingual

It had those tabs on the bottom, little tear away bits with the contact email hand written in flowery cursive.

Egg Donor. I think I can do that. I’m fairly level headed, not prone to paralyzing neuroses over past decisions. Besides, helping people make a family isn’t such a bad thing to do. And with that, I munched the last of the Doritos, wiped my hands on my jeans and tore off the tab.



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  1. Liz permalink
    December 3, 2011 1:53 am

    Hey Claire,

    Its a pretty amazing thing you have done and are perhaps doing again. Haven’t read all your journal entries but just wanted to pose a question….not that you have to answer me in any way just moreso wanted to make sure you had thought of the answer for yourself and your family (and possibly future family if you get married and have kids of your own).

    Most children grow up and want to know their biological parents, have you thought about whether you would have a relationship with the children who may come forward in your future? And if so does that way in on your decision for how many times you would like to do this? Also, children who want to know their biological parents will likely also want to know if they have biological siblings (or half siblings in this case), will you be able to share this information with them?

    Anyways, I think its great when ppl who really want to have children are able to under whatever circumstances it takes, so I’m happy you’ve helped a couple with that.

    Best of luck with your decisions and your play.

    • December 11, 2011 3:17 am

      Hey Liz,

      You just had a little babe right? ah…facebook. I do think about that a lot. And I would be very open if the egg child wanted to contact me and I think I would be willing to let him know about his siblings (not that he has any yet, from me at least). So that’s all cool with me. But truly the responsibility lies with his parents. He might very well go through life without knowing that he was conceived through donation. But he also can find me. The lawyer that I met with prior to donating originally confirmed that the child would be able to contact me but I wouldn’t be legally responsible (or financially)….so yeah, keep reading lady. xo

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